Sublimation ovens

TSP (Trolley sublimation plant) – Free cars

TSP is the classic sublimation machine.

Operators, after bagging operations (by manual or automatic bagging machine) load the profiles or panels onto a mobile trolley.

Then the aluminum profiles (or panels) are pushed into the oven where the temperature rises to the sublimation point. Once sublimated, operators pull the trolley out of the oven and, removing the film, unload the sublimated profiles.

Thanks to its features, “Free-cars” is an easy-to-use and extremely flexible device.

Discover our sublimation ovens for aluminum decoration Otefal.



Machine description

1 oven + trolleys + bagging machine


Non automatico

Handling profiles in oven

In/out same side

Oven dimension (mm)

10.000 X 2.000

Plant area

23.000 X 15.000

Heating system

Natural gas, GPL, electric

Profiles sublimated (mm)

Max 7.200

Sheets (flat and embossed)


Productivity (profiles/h)

30 - 70

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