Technology and innovation in sublimation

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Technology and innovation in sublimation

Otefal Ingegneria: Technology and innovation in sublimation

Otefal Ingegneria designs machines for sublimation. The sublimation is a method used to decorate aluminum and steel profiles and sheets.It is an ennobling of the traditional painting process, aimed mainly at reproducing natural finishes such as wood, marble and stoneon previously pre-treated and painted aluminum profiles and sheets.

During the sublimation process, the inks in the sublimation film, due to the temperature, reach the gaseous state and migrate onto the previously painted metal surface, thus transferring the decor onto the latter


About us

With decades of experience in the world of metal surface finishing, Otefal engineering stands as a pioneering company in the manufacturing of sublimation and decoration equipment for aluminum and steel.

Industrial Sublimation Oven - Free-Cars


The Ovens

The plants designed and implemented by Otefal are mainly Sublimation Ovens.. Each oven is conceived to meet the production needs of its clients.

The range offered by Otefal includes are automatic, semiautomatic, manual ovens and flat presses. Each one differs from the others in production capacity, size, manpower use and type of product decorated.



Otefal Ingegneria stands out thanks to its extensive expertise in the field of aluminum treatment and decoration, gained through a decade of consolidated experience. The company is committed to providing tailored solutions to meet customers’ specific needs, ensuring a personalized approach at every stage of the process. From the initial design phase to ongoing technical support, Otefal Engineering is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive and reliable support. In addition, the company offers a wide range of services, from supplying spare parts to buying and selling used equipment, confirming its versatility and ability to cover all customer needs in the industry.




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