Sublimation ovens


ASP (Automatic Sublimation Plant) – Sublifast, in two versions light and HD, is an automatic sublimation plant designed to maximize production. The profile is loaded onto the accumulator of the bagging machine; it is then “bagged” and sent to the loading

area where 2/3 operators load it into the chain that takes it inside the oven where the sublimation process takes place. The profile will come out on the other side of the oven where, after cooling, two operators can unload it from the machine. During the process the temperature is kept stable and constant thanks to the perfect symmetry of its central burner. This machine is designed to increase productivity while ensuring a high quality standard.

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ASP - Sublifast

Machine description

1 oven + bagging machine



Handling profiles in oven


Oven dimension (mm)

10.500 X 3.300

Plant area

22.000 X 10.200

Heating system

Natural gas, GPL, electric

Profiles sublimated (mm)

Max 7.200

Productivity (profiles/h)

120 - 170

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