Sublimation ovens

DSP – Sublinova

DSP (Drawers sublimation plant) – Sublinova is the sublimation plant made to maximize production and reduce the number of operators on the line.

The profile is loaded onto the accumulator of the bagging machine; it is then “bagged” and automatically sent to the loading area of the oven where operators place it in a movable drawer that automatically enters (at the push of a button) inside the oven.

The main special feature of Sublinova is the oven with three integrated drawers and their three possible positions: loading, sublimation and cooling. The same two operators, once the loading operation is finished, will unload the profiles that have meanwhile finished the sublimation process. In this way, it is possible to run production with only a couple of operators.

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Machine description

1 oven + bagging machine



Handling profiles in oven

In/out same side

Oven dimension (mm)

10.500 X 1.565

Plant area

21.500 X 9.000

Heating system

Natural gas, GPL, electric

Profiles sublimated (mm)

Max 7.200

Productivity (profiles/h)

40 - 80

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