Sublimation Presses

Piana OTP Press

Designed for panel sublimation, OTP 4000 is the right solution to maximize production while reducing time and cost.

With a table top over 8 meters long (divided into two sections of 4.30 m each), the machine can sublimate up to two panels of two meters in length together.

Thanks to the electric heating system, the plates can reach the sublimation temperature in a very short time. The movable top plate, allows operators to place the panels on one side while on the other side of the plate other panels will undergo sublimation.

OTP 4000 is the easiest and fastest solution compared to a traditional panel sublimation plant.

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OTP 4000

Machine description

Flat press



Handling profiles in oven

1 table + 2 plates under + 1 plate up

Oven dimension (mm)

8.600 x 2.200

Plant area

4.300 x 1.600

Heating system


Sheets (flat and embossed)


Productivity (profiles/h)

20- 30 presses

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